Research Centers

The Faculty of Exact Sciences is proud to present the following Institudes and Research Centers:


Israel National Research Center for Electrochemiacal Propulsion

The proposed Center seeks to promote the EV technology vital for energy independence. Its goals include Development of novel and effective power sources for electric vehicles, Coordinate collaboration on EV technologies between academic institutions, industries and start-ups, Fabricate novel materials of critical importance for new EV power sources, Promote manufacturing and use of EV power sources in Israel, and more.


The Bernard W. Marcus Center for Medicinal Chemistry

The Center serves as a focal point for research in drug development, studies of mechanisms of drug action, enzymatic mechanisms, drug-receptor interactions. The sponsored investigations address problems involving basic research on the elucidation of drug action as well as applied research involving the development of novel drugs


The Biophysical Interdisciplinary Jerome Schottenstein Center for the Research and Technology of the Cellome

In recent years the Center’s activity has focused primarily on the research and development of physical methods and means which would enable opto-spectroscopic, scattered light and electrochemical measurements at individual cell/cell cluster (spheroid) resolution within a population.


Institute of Superconductivity 

Most of the activity at this center is dedicated to experimental studies of magnetic properties of high-temperature superconductors, in particular to flux properties (global and local flux creep, persistent currents, effect of heavy ion irradiation etc.)


The Biophysical Interdisciplinary Jerome Schottenstein Center for the Research and Technology of the Cellome

The Chair and Laboratory pursue basic research on laser phototherapy. We study how these compounds are absorbed within cells, what is their cellular localization, how photosensitizer-enhanced tissues interact with light, and the process through which light-mediated cell damage occurs.


The Emmy Noether Mathematics Institute

Aim to stimulate research in Algebra, Geometry and Function Theory and to encourage collaborations with Germany. Its main topics are Algebraic Geometry, Group theory and Complex Function Theory.


The Gelbart Research Institute for the Mathematical Sciences

founded in 1987 by Prof. Bernard Pinchuk to institutionalize a long standing informal program of bringing visitors in analysis to Bar-Ilan University. The main purpose of the Gelbart Institute has been to support the visits of foreign mathematicians to Bar-Ilan and to provide financial backing for mathematical conferences organized by Bar-Ilan faculty.


Bar Ilan’s Robotics Consortium

Stationed in the Computer Science department, it is one of the largest computer science research groups in Israel. The consortium conducts research in robotic technologies relevant to industrial and social tasks. Among its research interests you may find security robotics, multi-robot systems, cognitive modeling and Robocup – soccer playing robots.