About the Faculty

The Faculty of Exact Sciences is one of Bar-Ilan University's most dynamic faculties. It is internationally recognized for its achievements in pure and applied research and for the quality of its educational offerings in its 4 academic departments (Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics). Over 2,000 students study in the faculty's B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D. programs. In addition, there is a large and vibrant community of post-doctoral fellows and senior scientists from around the world (US, Canada, Europe, China, India, Korea) involved in cutting edge research projects in the various departments and research institutes of the faculty.


Academic Excellence

Our faculty is proud of its large number of award winning faculty and researchers. These include recipients of prestigious fellowships such as Alon Fellowships (Dan Major, Chemistry; Tali Kaufman, Computer Sc.), along with prizes from both National and international Foundations and professional societies. Such awards of distinction include the Emet Prize (Sarit Krause), Israel Chemical Society (Doron Aurbach, Aharon Gedanken, Alfred Hassner), the Israel Vacuum Society (Aharon Gedanken, Arie Zaban, Doron Aurbach), the Krill Prize (Reuven Cohen, Boaz Tsaban, Dan Major, Ido Dagan, Eli Barkai, Yoram Louzoun),

 Our senior staff members are also fellows in prominent international societies: Doron Aurbach (Materials Research Society, Electrochemical Society), Sarit Krause (ECCAI). In addition, we have among our staff members a high level of activity in professional societies, including those who have served as Presidents of their respective professional associations (Alfred Hasner and Shlomo Margel, Presidents of Israel Chemical Society; Ido Dagan President of Association for Computational Linguisitics).


State of the Art Research Centers

The research success of our faculty is most evident in the large number of highly visible and heavily cited  publications in the refereed scientific literature, in papers presented at the most prestigious international conferences and in their success in attracting high level research funding from both governmental sources and research foundations. The funding of this research includes both individual grants and cooperative research projects both with other academic and industrial research organizations in Israel and with universities and businesses around the world (with a strong emphasis on the US and Europe). In addition to the individual research efforts of our faculty, there are a number of outstanding research centers that bring together the efforts of many research groups. Most prominent among them are the Bar Ilan Institute for Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials (BINA), Institute of Superconductivity.



Our faculty provides itself on the high quality and innovative nature if our educational offerings. We are very proud of our Biophysics track (which combines Physics, Biology and Chemistry at a very high level). Our Chemistry Department has a unique tracks for the first degree in Medicinal Chemistry and Chemistry of Materials.

In our graduate programs, in addition to the standard MSC and PhD degrees in each of our departments, we offer an interdisciplinary Masters degree in Nanotechnology and in in Mathematical Finance.