Dean’s Message

Welcome to the website of the Faculty of Exact Sciences of Bar-Ilan University. The four academic departments coProf. Moshe Lewensteinmprising the faculty (Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics) are dedicated to high quality research and to preparing new generations of students for demanding careers in science and science education.  All our departments offer three degrees (B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D.) and most host post-doctoral students from abroad as well.  Our researchers are excited about their work and try to convey this sense of excitement to their students.


In the experimental sciences, we have made a push in the last two decades to provide state-of-the-art laboratories and equipment for our incoming researchers.  Some of our large scale imaging equipment is used by researchers in other institutions as well.  We have made a particular effort in nanotechnology, materials science, environment-friendly energy, and organic chemistry with applications to medicines.  Many of our theoreticians in Physics and Chemistry work closely with the experimentalists to interpret data and suggest new experiments.  There are, in addition, a number of interdisciplinary tracks of study, including Biophysics and Nanotechnology.


In Mathematics and Computer Science, there are researchers in both pure and applied research.  The Mathematics Department is particularly strong in Representation Theory, Combinatorics and Probability, as well as Networks and applications of mathematical models to medicine. It also runs the only graduate program in the country for Financial Mathematics.  Computer Science has strong groups in Artificial Intelligence, in Pattern Recognition, in Computer Security, in Big Data, and in Robotics.  It is opening a new track in "Cyber", the protection of computer system from external attack.


The Faculty takes seriously the pivotal role of the universities in preparing the scientists of the future.  We review the programs of study regularly and encourage the staff members to pay attention to their teaching. We organize programs to bring youngsters to the campus to introduce them to the scientific ambiance.  We are particularly proud of the program for mathematically talented  high school students, in which some fifty high school students do a B.Sc. in Mathematics for HiTech or in Mathematics-Physics in parallel with their high school studies.  Most of these students graduate with the degree before starting the army, where they often serve in computer-related units.


Prof. Moshe Lewenstein - Dean