Faculty Units

Academic Departments

The department is among the leaders in futuristic fields such as Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Natural Language Processing, and search in networks and digital libraries.
The Department is a leading research center, with two Research Institutes, active seminars in many fields, national and international conferences, postdoctoral students and visiting researchers.
The Chemistry department is determined to strive for excellence in teaching, mentoring and scientific research.
Experimental and theoretical research carried out in the Physics Department is conducted within departmental research institutes and by research groups run by individual departmental members.

Administrative Units

Maintaining & Developing electronic equipment. Phone: 03-531-8425
List of Computer Labs available for Students.
Scientific equipment parts manufacture. Phone: 03-531-8426
Science Activities for Schools and High Schools. http://www.ysa.biu.ac.il Phone: 03-531-8207
Computer Systems, Computer Labs and IT Administration.